Types of Men’s Shoes

By gamzap Dec 25, 2023

If you want to know the different types of men’s shoes that exist, you are in luck because below our experts will tell you which are the main types of men’s shoes that you should take into account, and their basic characteristics. Read on to learn about the different types of men’s shoes available on the market.

The slippers

First, we find the slippers. They are men’s shoes that appeared on the market as casual shoes, although currently, they are elegant shoes that can be used on formal occasions. This is a type of comfortable footwear that is usually made of velvet. In addition, they are a type of shoes inspired by British footwear, although at first they were shoes for being at home, and that is why it has that name. They are the midpoint between ballet flats and loafers, and the best way to wear them is with a style that leaves the ankles exposed. The most classic are made of black suede or velvet, although nowadays it is possible to find them in a multitude of different fabrics and colors.

The loafers

These are men’s shoes with Scandinavian origins. These shoes were comfortable and robust for the fishermen who originally used them, and they evolved until they became slip-ons. This is a type of men’s footwear that many people confuse with moccasins, although there are differences. Loafers do not have laces, while moccasins come with decorative laces without specific functions. In addition, loafers can have tassels or bows as decoration. They are shoes that last a long time and withstand the passage of time, as well as being very practical, and they have the soles separated from the rest of the shoe.

The Oxfords

Another of the most classic types of shoes for men are Oxfords. They are elegant and with leather finishes, and traditionally they were flat, although nowadays we find designs with higher soles. Their design is smooth and with laces, although they can also have decorations. They are originally from Scotland and Ireland, but their name derives from the great influence they had in the 19th century at the University of Oxford. They are the best alternative, according to experts, to combine with a formal outfit, but they can also be used as elegant shoes to go to the office, and even combined with casual outfits if we want to add a chic and elegant touch to our outfit with accessories. Fashion.

The Nautical

Another of the most classic men’s shoes that exists is boat shoes. These are simple and light shoes, ideal for wearing on informal occasions. These men’s shoes are characterized by having grooved rubber soles. In addition, they are shoes that close with laces that run along the entire perimeter of the shoe. Boat shoes are shoes that were originally used to practice sports at sea, which is where their name comes from, but today they can be used with all types of outfits. They are the ideal footwear, according to experts, to wear in summer, since it is a particularly cool type of footwear that breathes very well.

The sneakers

Sneakers are shoes that are usually used as sports shoes on specific occasions. These types of sneakers are versatile and comfortable and are used especially with casual and flirty outfits, both in summer and winter. They are one of the most innovative and avant-garde shoes in the entire collection, and without a doubt, they are increasingly in trend many men of all ages decide to include them in their looks due to their comfort and versatility. In addition, they are shoes that adapt to all types of feet, and that usually incorporate some platform, which greatly stylizes the figure, also in the case of men, especially the shorter ones.

The Monks

Likewise, Monks are a type of footwear characterized by having an efficient buckle-shaped closure. These shoes are so-called because their closure resembles the sandals worn by monks. They are very comfortable shoes that fit the foot perfectly can be fastened quickly, easily, and efficiently, and can be comfortably adjusted to the size of the feet. Likewise, experts consider that they are less formal shoes than Oxfords, but more formal than loafers. They can be worn with casual or contracted outfits and are popularly known as buckle shoes.

They are especially practical and one of the basics that trend followers have in their wardrobes. Being so versatile they allow you to create many different outfits, both casual looks and formal looks.

Esparto shoes

Men’s esparto shoes, also popularly known as espadrilles, are a type of footwear made with natural fiber threads, such as cotton. In addition, these shoes incorporate esparto soles, which stand out, especially for being very comfortable, useful, and practical. It is the ideal alternative to wear with jeans, and they are normally used in the spring and summer seasons, because they have very striking colors, but above all because they are very fresh. These types of shoes are really popular because they originate from the Basque country, where they are made with hemp or braided jute rope.

The men’s boots

Finally, we find men’s boots, the ideal footwear for the autumn and winter seasons when the cold begins to bite. It is the ideal footwear to protect the foot on the coldest days of the year. In the same way, there are also mountain boots, designed to take routes with the best guarantees, protecting your feet at all times, since they incorporate waterproof systems and high-quality materials. Men’s boots were initially thought of as a type of work footwear, but now they have become really popular for daily use.

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