What to do in Sierra Nevada Plans Beyond Skiing

By gamzap Dec 2, 2023

That in the south of Spain it is only hot stops making sense when we talk about Sierra Nevada . It is the southernmost ski resort in the country , and offers countless plans beyond a day of this sport for the whole family.

We tell you what to do in Sierra Nevada if snow is not your thing but you don’t want to stop enjoying an incredible place just a few kilometers from the city of Granada . If you have already seen all the monuments of Granada during the week and during the weekend you have thought about going to visit the Sierra Granada, this post interests you.

Hotels in Sierra Nevada

To avoid having to travel between Granada and Sierra Nevada for a day, what better place to stay than one of our best hotels in Granada ? We are referring, of course, to the 5-star Vincci Selección Rumaykayya hotel .

It is located in the heart of Pradollano, at the foot of the slopes and boasts of being the tallest hotel in Europe. Incredible true? Just as its facilities are incredible, where you can relax surrounded by the best landscape and enjoy, among other services, a top-class spa to relax at the end of the day.

At our Vincci Selección Rumaykiyya 5* hotel we have taken all the necessary precautions and measures within our Vincci Care protocol to take care of you during your stay. Thus, you will only have to worry about enjoying and relaxing while we take care of ensuring your comfort and rest in the best and safest conditions. We also have health coverage for all our guests through Quirónsalud .

Plans in Sierra Nevada

It doesn’t matter if you don’t ski, or if it’s really not your thing. Sierra Nevada and its surroundings offer more plans than you can imagine away from the main slopes for skiing or snowboarding .

We tell you what to do in Sierra Nevada with friends, family, children or with your partner. Find your best travel companion and come enjoy the secrets and best plans in Sierra Nevada of all kinds.

Snowshoe excursion in Sierra Nevada

If you travel in winter to the Sierra Nevada area and you like adventure, you cannot miss a good snowshoe excursion. You won’t be skiing, but you will be enjoying the snow to the fullest on a tour that usually lasts a couple of hours.

It is a good plan for the whole family and we assure you that you will love the experience, because the landscape that prostrates itself before the group of adventurers on the excursion is enviable. Make sure you bring your camera or have a battery on your cell phone, because you will have a camera roll full of images with which to later organize your trip photos .

Climb Sierra Nevada by car

Neither walk nor ski? Don’t worry. The car can also be your great ally in Sierra Nevada. There are several routes that allow you to climb the Sierra by car, so you just have to choose the one that best suits you and enjoy a drive with incredible views.

Of course, if you are going to get behind the wheel on these types of roads, make sure you have the vehicle in perfect condition and bring all the necessary elements for the climb, such as snow chains in case it starts to snow suddenly. Also avoid driving your car when there are many people in the area, as there may be traffic jams and driving in these conditions is not pleasant.

Have fun at the Blackbird

Especially if you go with the little ones in the house! You are going to enjoy the sledding and tubbing area in Sierra Nevada like never before . It is called the White Blackbird and is a very fun space to spend the day. If you don’t like skiing but love the snowy atmosphere and all snow-related activities, this is your area.

It has tracks to slide with sleds or inflatable discs. Although they are not very inclined, they are designed in such a way that you gain a certain speed when sliding down the slopes and increase your adrenaline for a few minutes.

You must enter with a ticket, which you can purchase at the ticket office, and for half an hour you can slide down these slopes as many times as you want, choosing between sleds or the so-called tubs . Tell your children about it, you’ll see what faces they make!

Ride the Russian sleigh

It is part of that area of ​​the Blackbird, but offers a completely different activity . A roller coaster in the snow? That’s how it is! The Russian sled of Sierra Nevada is a small sled on rails that ascends a few meters (quite a few meters, we are not going to fool ourselves) and when it reaches the highest point, it descends at a high speed.

If we have mentioned before the adrenaline of snow slides, what you will feel on this Russian sled has no comparison. Totally recommended!

Tickets can also be purchased at the box office or directly at the entrance to this very original attraction just a few meters from the ski slopes. Even if you like skiing, you can drop by this area and enjoy a different time with your family. With this plan in Sierra Nevada we assure you of laughter and fun.

Enjoy the views on “the chairlift

Our Vincci Selección Rumaykayya hotel has a chairlift at its door, so one of our favorite plans is to get on and enjoy the views offered by the walk to the upper area of ​​Sierra Nevada.

If you need a moment of peace and tranquility , the chairlift will offer you those minutes of relaxation with incredible views. The panoramic view that your eyes will see of the entire length of the slopes is priceless.

As you can see, Sierra Nevada is not only a ski area and offers many activities. You can also do these activities if you are looking for plans in Sierra Nevada in summer, so don’t hesitate.

By gamzap

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