What to do And What to See in Hammamet

By gamzap Dec 2, 2023

Hammamet is a city in Tunisia that is located in a cove on the Cap Bon peninsula . Not only is it known by many as the Tunisian Benidorm, but it is the first tourist center in Tunisia and it is not difficult to guess why. If you are planning a getaway to Hammamet and you have already followed all our tips for traveling to Tunisia , take note now of the essential visits to make and the experiences that you cannot miss if you are wondering what to see in Hammamet.


Brief history of Hammamet

Before the year I, in the area that is now Hammamet, there was a village called Pupput (whose Roman remains dating from the 2nd century can still be visited). This village grew during the Romanization of Africa , thanks to the good properties of the land and the resources it provided.

The first mention of this territory as Hammamet is from the 12th century . The wall dates back to the 13th century (built to defend against frequent looting) and the medina dates back to the 16th century.

It was from 1920 onwards that Hammamet began to become an area highly appreciated by beach tourism, since it has beaches that stretch for kilometers and the climate is warm and sunny.

Today, Hammamet has a varied tourist complex that attracts families, couples and groups of friends alike, making it one of the best warm destinations in January and any other time of year when you need some sun and beach.

What to visit in Hammamet

Your getaway to Hammamet will not be complete if you do not visit the following places of interest :

Hammamet Medina

Of course, you can’t go to Hammamet and not visit its medina . It is a residential complex surrounded by a 16th century wall. It is the perfect place to appreciate the architecture that contrasts white walls with colorful wooden doors. You will also find the typical public baths for men and women and the city’s history museum .

The terrace of the Bab Sidi Bouhdid cafe

It is a beautiful terrace with privileged views of the sea and the city’s medina where you can enjoy delicious local food (we recommend tagines , a very popular dish in the area, but which in Tunisia is prepared in a special way) or a typical tea ( mint tea is one of the most typical drinks in Tunisia). The typical Arab decoration makes it an absolutely obligatory stop.

Shopping in the Souk

If you can’t go on a trip without filling a suitcase with souvenirs, gifts and keepsakes for all your family and friends, the Souk is the ideal place to get them all. It is a traditional market where you can buy the best typical and artisanal products and test your skills in the art of haggling.

Kasbah or Spanish Fort of Hammamet

This place is a military construction from the 12th century , wonderfully preserved and has some of the most spectacular viewpoints and views of Hammamet. One more example of the history that unites Tunisia and Spain.

Grand Mosque and Mosque of Sidi Abdel Kader

The Great Mosque was built in the 13th century, but was later destroyed and rebuilt in the 15th century. It combines different elements of the Turkish and Arabic architectural styles . Next to the Great Mosque you can also visit the Sidi Abdel Kader Mosque which houses the School of Quranic Studies .

Dar Hammamet Museum

The city’s history museum is a clear example of traditional Tunisian architecture . Inside you can find samples of the culture, customs and life in the city, including a remarkable collection of traditional costumes.

Museum of Religions

The museum of religions not only brings together Christianity, Islam and Judaism and represents the role that each of these religions has played in the history of Tunisia, but it is also a beautiful building that captures your attention with a variety of elegant tiles and arches.

Archaeological remains of Pupput

The ancient Roman settlement preserves several Byzantine mosaics and some remains of buildings. It is a quiet visit that is not usually very crowded.

Kerkouane Ruins

For fans of ancient history, Kerkouane is a must-see. Here you will have the opportunity to observe the vestiges of a Phoenician settlement of fishermen and manufacturers of colored dyes. Kerkouane disappeared when it was invaded by the Romans in the Third Punic War.

George Sebastian’s Villa

In the 1920s, this architectural marvel was built as the residence of a Hungarian who had decided to move permanently to Hammamet. Now it is also a cultural center with an amphitheater and a museum dedicated to citrus fruits.

Cartago Land and Friguia Park

Especially if you are traveling with children, the Cartago Land amusement park and the Friguia Park Zoological Park are perfect stops to enjoy with your family both the park’s attractions and the zoo’s African animal samples.

Beaches in Tunisia

Last but not least, Hammamet’s main attraction is its huge, beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and white sand . Combined with the city’s good weather, the beaches of Sousse, Hergla and Yasmine Hammamet are idyllic places to relax and enjoy the sea and the sun. One more reason to travel to Tunisia on your summer vacation.

Hotels in Hammamet

At the Yasmine Hammamet tourist complex you can stay in the best luxury hotels the city has to offer.

Hotel Vincci Marillia 4*

The Vincci Marillia 4* hotel provides you with a privileged environment so you can relax and unwind while enjoying the best of Arab culture. Located in a perfect area to visit both the magnificent beaches of Yasmine Hammamet and the cultural center and nightlife area, the Vincci Marillia 4* hotel is the ideal place to stay during your getaway to the city of Hammamet.

Take advantage of all the treatments and experiences available to you at the Afrodita spa, discover new and delicious flavors at the El Kebir gourmet restaurant or celebrate your events and meetings in the various conference rooms.

The Vincci Marillia 4* hotel has the best types of hotel pools in its facilities, without a doubt an ideal place to enjoy the sun and water.

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