End of The Year Traditions in the World How is This Date celebrated

By gamzap Dec 2, 2023

The end of the year is a very special date for many people, who take the opportunity to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one with different rituals and customs. Some of these traditions are well known, such as the twelve grapes in Spain (twelve raisins in Portugal) or the fireworks in many countries, but others are more curious and original. In this article we tell you some of the destinations to travel for New Year’s with the most interesting or curious New Year’s Eve traditions .

United States The Midnight Kiss

One of the most popular and romantic New Year’s Eve traditions in the United States is the midnight kiss. It is said that this custom comes from the ancient Romans, who celebrated the festival of Saturnalia with parties and kisses. According to belief, kissing someone just as the new year begins brings good luck and happiness in love. Many Americans gather in Times Square in New York to watch the famous crystal ball fall and share the midnight kiss. This tradition has been popularized around the world thanks to movies and television, which have shown memorable scenes of couples kissing under the glow of lights and confetti.

Denmark Breaking plates

In Denmark, one way to show affection and friendship to your loved ones is to break plates at their door. This tradition is called “skår” and it consists of saving broken dishes throughout the year and throwing them at the doors of your friends and family on New Year’s Eve. The more broken dishes you find at your door, the more loved you are. What if your friends and family never break their plates? We don’t know that, unfortunately.

Another curious Danish tradition is jumping from a chair at midnight to ward off evil spirits and attract good fortune. This custom has its origins in an ancient pagan belief that associated noise with the expulsion of evil forces.

China Paint the door red

The end of the Chinese year does not coincide with the Western one, but is celebrated according to the lunar calendar, between the end of January and the beginning of February. One of the oldest and most symbolic traditions of this date is to paint the door of the house red, the color of good luck and prosperity. Posters with positive messages are also hung and red lanterns are lit. In addition, the Chinese usually clean their homes thoroughly to eliminate bad energy and welcome the new year with harmony. The end of the Chinese year is also known as the Spring Festival, and is celebrated with parades, dances, fireworks and offerings to ancestors.

Italy Eat lentils

In Italy, the typical New Year’s Eve meal is “cotechino con lenticchie”, which consists of a pork sausage cooked with lentils. This tradition dates back to Roman times, when bags of lentils were given as gifts in the hope that they would be converted into gold coins. Lentils symbolize abundance and wealth, and it is said that the more you eat, the more money you will have in the new year. Cotechino, for its part, represents the abundance of life and good health and is usually accompanied with a sparkling wine called spumante, with which it is toasted at midnight to celebrate the beginning of the year.

Chile Walking with a suitcase

It goes without saying that, at Vincci Hotels , this is the tradition that we like the most of all. In addition to many other curious traditions, in Chile and other Latin American countries, they express their wish that the next year will be full of fantastic trips and adventures in other countries and cities, walking around with an empty suitcase or with a few clothes (so that don’t weigh too much) through the streets, on New Year’s Eve. You don’t have to go far, just walking around the block or neighborhood is enough to attract opportunities to discover new places and cultures in the coming year. Some even put a passport or a plane ticket in their suitcase for extra luck. Another variant of this tradition is to put a coin or bill in the shoe, to ensure you have money to travel. If you want to give someone a surprise trip during the new year, you have nothing to lose by trying this tradition. Maybe it will work for you!

If you need ideas on where to travel next year, we can give you some very interesting ones:

  • We can recommend Lisbon or Porto, in Portugal, where fascinating cultural visits await you, full of history and art and the fabulous hotels, Vincci Baixa 4* and Vincci Liberdade 4* in Lisbon or Vincci Porto 4* and Vincci Ponte De Ferro 4* in Porto.
  • Or, if what you prefer is to radically change the chip and experience a totally different culture, gastronomy and history, what do you think of Tunisia? At Vincci Hotels we have fantastic accommodation on the beach in the towns of Djerba (the Vincci Hélios Beach 4* hotel ), Hammamet ( Vincci Marillia 4* and Vincci Saphir Palace 5* ) and Zarzis ( Vincci Saphira Palms 4* ).

These are just some of the most curious and interesting New Year’s Eve traditions celebrated in the world. Surely there are many more that you don’t know and that would surprise you. The important thing is that you enjoy this special date and th

By gamzap

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