Do You Know What Your Shoe Size is in Other Countries

By gamzap Nov 21, 2023

The system used in Spain to classify shoe sizes is different from that of other countries. Below, we’ll explain the differences between scales and how to find out what your number is. Read on for practical tips to get your international shoe size right.

Equivalences in shoe sizes

Currently, more and more fashion brands have decided to start selling their proposals on the internet, and shoes are one of the items offered. So that you do not have incidents if you want to buy shoes online,  you must know the equivalences in sizing by country. It’s the best way to get your foot number right. To make your job easier, we have prepared a small guide.

Women’s shoe sizing

In Spain, the sizing of women’s shoes varies 0.7 cm from one size to another. This figure is not the same in men’s and children’s sizes.

American women’s footwear ranges from sizes 4 to 10, equivalent to 35 to 41 in Spain. In the UK, women’s sizing starts at size 1 and usually goes up to size 6.

Men’s shoe sizing

Men’s shoes in the United States range between sizes 6 and 12, which are equivalent to sizes between 39 and 45 in Spain. In the United Kingdom, men’s sizing starts at size 5 and goes up to size 11.

Children’s shoe sizing

Children’s shoes are between US sizes 8 and 14. In Spain, we can compare them with numbers 21 to 27. Children’s shoe sizes in the United Kingdom range from size 7.5 onwards.

You should keep in mind that, if you are between two sizes, it is better to choose the larger one to avoid buying a shoe that is too small for you.

 How to get our shoe size right?

It is essential to be sure what size shoe you wear. To do this, it is best to know how many centimeters your foot measures, which will make things easier for you when buying footwear. For example,  if your foot measures 25 cm, you will have a 39 in Spain, a 5.5 in the United Kingdom, a 7.5 in the United States, and a 38 in Italy. Another example: if your foot measures 27 cm, you will have a 42 in Spain, an 8 in the United Kingdom, a 9.5 in the United States, and a 41 in Italy.

To measure your foot in centimeters you must take an A4 sheet of paper and stick it on the floor or wall. Next, place your foot on the blade and make sure you have your heel against the edge. When you are in the right position, mark with a pencil where your foot ends. Now, you just have to measure the distance in centimeters from the edge of the sheet to the mark you have drawn.

Once you have this information, the best thing to do when buying footwear online is to consult the equivalence table provided by each store. This way, you will avoid having to make unnecessary returns. It is also very useful to use size calculation tools by country, which you will easily find on the internet.

You should also keep in mind that the size largely depends on the brand you are going to choose. Certain houses make smaller numbers than others. It is worth researching beforehand to get your bet right. We advise you to check if the chosen brand or supplier has its size guide that you can consult.

Curiosities about sizing in other countries

The world of shoe sizes can be very curious to you. It would be perfect for many to get a  universal size,  but today it is not possible. You might be surprised to see the differences in other countries’ sizing systems:

  • In Canada, Australia, and New Zealand the sizing system is the same. This is because many of the international brands were born in the United States and respect the same sizing system.
  • In Latin America, the sizes coincide with those of Spain, except in the case of Mexico and Brazil. In Brazil, the numbers are two sizes larger.
  • In the case of  France and Italy, footwear in general is usually one size smaller than in Spain. You can see it in the previous examples.
  • In countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, etc. the sizes are half a size larger than the Spanish ones.
  • In  Asia, a different system is used, in which letters sometimes appear instead of numbers.

In short, now that you know what your shoe size is by country, you will be able to make the right choice in your next purchases and get your ideal footwear for every occasion. Consult this practical guide as many times as necessary!

By gamzap

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