How To Choose Your Boots According To Your Body Type

By gamzap Nov 7, 2023

How to properly match your boots to your figure? Discover the tips for a choice adapted to your body shape and boost your style with confidence!

Boots are essential shoes for fall and winter, but also to assert your style and personality. However, it is not always easy to find the model that best suits your body shape, that is to say, the shape and size of your legs. Indeed, boots can highlight or on the contrary disadvantage certain parts of the body, such as the calves, knees, or ankles.

It is therefore important to know the tips for choosing your boots according to your body shape, to create harmony between your silhouette and your shoes. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal boots for your body type.

Boots suitable for thin legs

If you have thin legs and are looking for trendy women’s boots, you have the advantage of being able to wear almost any type of boot, without the risk of compressing or weighing them down. You can afford a variety of designs, colors, and shapes: ankle boots, riding boots, thigh-high boots, heeled or platform boots, etc.

If you are tall and slender, choose flat boots or low heels, which will not make you gain too much height. If you are short, opt for heeled boots, which will lengthen your legs. Just avoid boots that are too wide, which will gape around your calf, or soles that are too thick, which will be out of proportion to your leg. You can also play with details, such as buckles, laces, fringes, or prints, which will give volume and character to your boots.

Boots for wide calves

If you have wide calves, you may have trouble finding boots that fit because most styles are too narrow and don’t close. Fortunately, there are solutions to help you wear comfortable and stylish boots.

First, you can opt for boots specifically designed for wide calves, which are available in several brands and several calf sizes. You can also choose boots with elastic uppers, which will adapt to your calf without tightening it. Then, you can favor boots with a round toe, which will soften the shape of your leg, and boots with a heel, which will refine your silhouette.

Furthermore, avoid boots with pointed toes, which will accentuate the contrast between your foot and your calf, and flat boots, which will flatten your look. Finally, you can focus on dark colors, which will slim your leg, and discreet patterns, which will draw the eye toward the top of the boot… clever, right?!

Boots to hide your knee defects

If you have unsightly knees, whether due to cellulite, scars, or age, you can use the boots to camouflage and enhance them. To do this, you must choose the right stem height, which will depend on the length of your leg.

So, if you have short legs, opt for ankle boots or boots that stop below the knee, which will lengthen your leg and not cut into your silhouette. Do you have rather long legs? you can choose boots that cover the knee, or even thigh-high boots, which will hide your knees and add style to your outfit. You can also play with the materials, colors, and shapes of your boots, to create visual effects that will draw attention away from your knees.

For example, you can choose soft leather boots, which will hug your leg without marking it, boots in neutral tones, which will blend in with your pants or tights, or boots with a round toe, which will soften the line of your leg.

Choosing the right boots and ankle boots: advice from Cristina Cordula!


Boots are shoes that can help you highlight your body shape, as long as you choose the model that suits you. To do this, you need to consider the shape and size of your legs, calves, and knees, and adapt the height, width, heel, toe, color, and details of your boots. You will find the boots that will suit you perfectly, and which will allow you to create trendy and feminine looks. Do not hesitate to consult specialized sites or online stores to find the boots of your dreams. Happy shopping, ladies!

By gamzap

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