Why Offer a Flight Simulator Session

Why Offer a Flight Simulator Session

Aviation enthusiast or not, a flight simulator session is an activity that you must do at least once in your life. Let’s find out together what it is.

The world of aviation has always fascinated people. Flying a plane is, for many, an unattainable dream. What if we told you that it is now possible to achieve it? Thanks to Funbooker, you can offer those around you a flight simulator session. An experience full of sensations and rich in emotion that will appeal to as many people as possible.

What is a flight simulator?

The flight simulator is an installation that allows you to reproduce the conditions of a flight. Initially, only pilots had access to it to best train themselves for the different conditions that may be encountered. But today, this tool has become a real activity for the general public.

Accompanied by a professional instructor, you will take control of a plane in a fully equipped cockpit reproduced identically to a real plane. You will feel all the sensations as if you were really on board an airplane. So, for all people who have always dreamed of piloting a plane or for the most curious and adventurous, offering a session on a flight simulator is an excellent idea.

The largest cities in France now offer simulator sessions. With Funbooker, you can easily book a session online. The ultra-comprehensive site offers you offers at the best prices among the best-ranked centers. In addition, to make your gift even more personal, you can choose the type of flight simulator!

There are three categsimulatorssimulator:

  • Airliner simulators: where you will have the choice between piloting a Boeing or an Airbus. An immersive experience, perfect for aviation enthusiasts.
  • Helicopter simulators: for those looking for thrills and incredible immersion in the heart of a rescue mission, for example.
  • Fighter plane simulatorproduceectly reproduces the most famous planes such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon or the F-35 Lightning II. Aerial combat, terrain, reconnaissance,  or formation flying, it’s an experience where adrenaline is at its peak.

The flight simulator: an unforgettable experience to offer 

Today thanks to flight simulators, you can give an unforgettable gift! No knowledge is required to participate in a session, just a good dose of courage to dare to launch your plane onto the tarmac.

Immersed in a setting reproduced identically to that of a real cockpit, the sensations on board are also similar. Turbulence, takeoff, and landing, nothing is left to chance and everything is done so that you have the impression of piloting a real plane.

Besides the recreational aspect, it is also the time to learn and understand how an airplane works. Thanks to the accompaniment of an instructor throughout the session, you will be perfectly guided during each stage of the flight.

Can we offer a session in a flight simulator to answer yes? Aviation enthusiasts will find it of additional interest, but the simulator sessions are an experience to be had at least once in your life. So, it’s an ideal gift for adventurers and thrill-seekers.

To complete the adventure: combine your flight simulator session with an antcanbcomponents-phobiamplete the offer with other activities. The anti-phobia course is, for example, an excellent way to combine it with a flight simulator session. 

During this internship, a meeting with psychologists as well as aviation professionals takes place. The goal is to discuss the fears that one may encounter during a flight. By explaining each stage of a flight and confronting trainees with situations such as turbulence, the majority of people emerge from this course reassured and more serene during their next flight.

uring the course,rse which can be organized through the flight simulator Full Flight, or Aviasim, a session in a flight simulator takes place. But, very often, this session is not as appreciated due to the apprehension that the most phobic people may feel. This is why, combining an anti-phobia course including a simulator session + a flight simulator session and something else is an excellent way to be able to understand and assimilate all the information on the first day and to have fun on the second.

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