5 Ingenious Ideas To Liven Up Your Event Without A DJ

5 Ingenious Ideas To Liven Up Your Event Without A DJ

Music plays a central role in all our celebrations. She accompanies and punctuates the strong moments, moves hearts, and makes the dance floor vibrate thanks to the talents of the kings of the turntables. Simply, by choice or for a question of price, not everyone wants to call on a DJ. Also, there are other options to allow you to create a festive atmosphere.

We generally agree that the DJ plays a major role during our events, whether private or professional. He is, in fact, the conductor who knows how to “light the fire” on the dance floor, understand the expectations of the crowd, and create an unforgettable atmosphere. However, it is just as indisputable that calling on a Professional DJ can represent a significant financial investment which can sometimes discourage many event organizers.  

Prices for a professional DJ vary considerably: they generally start around 400 euros and can quickly reach up to 2000 euros if additional services, such as lighting or smoke effects, are included. If you’re considering an hourly package, prices range on average between 35 and 100 euros, as indicated by Linkaband, a talent agency that acts as an intermediary between event organizers and musicians via its online platform. 

However, the good news is that even without having the budget for a professional DJ, today there are a multitude of creative options to maintain a festive musical atmosphere. By showing a little ingenuity, your guests will always be able to ignite the dance floor and extend the party until the end of the night!   

1. A collaborative playlist 

Creating a collaborative playlist is a great idea to ensure that the music at your gathering appeals to all your guests. So invite your friends and loved ones to participate in this musical experience by adding their favorite songs to the list. Retro tracks, contemporary pop, or timeless classics… there’s something for everyone!  

To make streaming your playlist easier, consider using streaming services like Spotify or Deezer, for example, which offer a large selection of songs and good audio quality. Opt for a premium subscription to eliminate annoying advertising interruptions and guarantee a smooth, uninterrupted experience throughout your festivities. 

2. Live music, orchestra, or solo artist 

Hiring a live music group to entertain your gathering is also an excellent way to create an unforgettable festive atmosphere. An option particularly appreciated by brides and grooms wanting to entertain their guests originallyThe direct interaction with the musicians, the quality of the live sound, and the palpable energy released by a band on stage will bring an authentic dimension to your reception.  

These artists are, in fact, capable of entertaining your guests throughout your festivities, whether during a reception, a standing cocktail, or a dancing evening. If you are planning to organize a gala or other more sophisticated reception, opting for an orchestra may be the ideal choice. Finally, for more intimate moments like a wedding ceremony, consider bringing in a solo artist. Whether it is a pianist, a guitarist, or a singer, he will be responsible for creating an atmosphere that is both warm and elegant.   

3. Rent a vintage Jukebox 

Have you ever thought about renting a jukebox? Its cost is considerably more affordable compared to hiring a professional DJ! Your guests will have the opportunity to choose their favorite songs and create their musical atmosphere.  

These objects are, moreover, generally easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with technology. Simply choose the desired song from the touch screen or control panel. Finally, unlike a professional DJ who might take breaks, a jukebox offers continuous music broadcasting, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted soundtrack throughout your party. In short, a fun and affordable option for all music lovers! 

4. And why not install a virtual DJ? 

Are you looking for a more modern and economical option to liven up your evening? Why not opt ​​for a virtual DJ? This solution allows you to take charge of the musical entertainment of your event, without needing to call on a professional DJ. 

Using a virtual DJ is simple and accessible to everyone. All you have to do is rent this machine, plug it in, and you’re ready to get your guests dancing. You will have total control over the type of music you want to play, whether it is disco, pop/rock, club music, or any other genre that matches the atmosphere you want to create. You can also personalize your choice according to the event you are organizing, whether it is a birthday, a wedding, an evening for teenagers, a cocktail, or even a corporate evening. , the virtual DJ adapts to your needs!  

5. A wild karaoke 

Organize a giant karaoke and let your guests become the stars of the evening by allowing them to show off their hidden talents! You will be pleasantly surprised by the performances and the good humor that will enliven the dance floor. To do this, you can opt for interactive karaoke software tailored to your needs. There are many options available, some free and others paid, like KaraFunKaraoke Version, or Singa Business. Make sure the software allows participants to choose songs, displays lyrics on screen, and rates performances if desired. 

If you want to add an interactive touch, you can use an interactive wall to display song lyrics and videos (these can be rented for the occasion, editor’s note ). However, make sure that your karaoke software is compatible with this technology. Don’t forget to set up a photo corner so your guests can capture their performances. 

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