What Are Chino Pants

What Are Chino Pants

In the past, we have already advised you on how to choose, but also how to wear men’s chino pants. If you’re a little more curious than that and wondering where this men’s wardrobe essential comes from and how to recognize quality chinos, then you’ve come to the right place!

What are men’s chino pants?

Chinos are a type of casual cotton pants for men that are said to have originated in India in the mid-19th century out of a need for British colonial troops. It is characterized by its straight, fitted cut, its normal to slightly low waist, and its slanted pockets at the front and welt pockets at the back.

The origins of men’s chino pants

Chinos, although the name may suggest a Chinese origin, do not have their origins in China, but in India. We often find chinos under the name “khaki” a Hindi term meaning dust and referring to the sand/beige color of these pants.

According to some sources, khaki was integrated into the uniform of the British forces stationed in the Punjab at the request of Sir Harry Lumsden to help the soldiers cope with the high temperatures. First adopted by troops stationed in India, in 1884 it became an official element of the military uniform and was even adopted by other countries.

The name “chino” appeared later and was popularized by the American army then stationed in the Philippines. Although produced in England, chinos were then resold by Chinese merchants on the island, hence the name “chino pants”.

Thus, men’s chino pants as we know them today were not invented by a particular person or designer, but are the result of the evolution of military uniforms, driven by the needs of soldiers on the ground. field then by the evolution of fashion over time.

What is the chino cut?

The chino cut is straight, at least originally, very comfortable and meets the comfort needs of military pants. Today, even if the straight cut still exists, the chino cut refers more to a fitted, semi-slim cut, following the shape of the leg and tightening at the calves without tightening.

How to recognize quality men’s chino pants?

Recognizing quality chinos can be important to ensure that you are investing in a durable, comfortable, and well-made garment. Here are some things to consider when evaluating the quality of men’s chinos:

High-quality fabric: Good chinos are made from premium fabrics, such as high-quality cotton, stretch cotton, or other durable fabric blends. The fabric should be both soft and durable to ensure lasting comfort and longevity.

Neat seams: Check the seams of the pants. Straight, well-aligned seams and tight stitches indicate quality manufacturing. Avoid uneven, loose, or poorly finished seams.

Finishes: Finishing details, such as hems and borders, should be clean and well executed. The edges should not be frayed and the hems should be well-stitched and even.

Buttons and zippers: Natural material buttons and zippers must be sturdy and secure. Make sure they are working properly and not showing signs of weakness.

Pockets: Pockets should be securely sewn and well-finished. The welt pockets at the back, characteristic of chino pants, must be well aligned and not have excess fabric. Slanted front pockets should also be well positioned.

Design Details: Quality chinos may feature subtle design details, such as stylish interior linings, adjustable waistbands, or reinforcements in key locations. Some quality men’s chinos also have a V for ease (or notch), and a sartorial finish allows for greater comfort.

By carefully observing these elements and taking the time to carefully inspect the pants, you will have a better chance of choosing quality chinos that will last a long time and give you satisfaction.

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