Jessica Chastain Dazzling Beauty On The Penultimate Red Carpet of The Film Festival

Jessica Chastain Dazzling Beauty On The Penultimate Red Carpet of The Film Festival

The charm, elegance, and refinement of one of the great divas of our time flooded the red carpet of the Lido with shining light. There is no story in the looks of the penultimate evening, the tenth of the Venice Film Festival: Jessica Chastain is one of the few American actresses present, to send the public and photographers into raptures by attending the premiere of “Memory”, an independent feature film directed by Michael Franco.

Venice 80: the grand finale of the competition with an American diva

After an event characterized by the absence of American stars due to the actors’ and screenwriters’ strike which is immobilizing the entire Hollywood industry, Chastain appeared on the beach on the penultimate day of the event, taking part in the premiere of the film (strictly independent, a constraint that allowed her to be present at the lido) in which she is the protagonist. The film tells the story of Sylvia (Chastain), a social worker who leads a very simple life marked by a precise rhythm, alternating between her commitment to her daughter, work, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. However, everything will be put to the test with the entry of Saul (Peter Sasgard) who, one day, will follow her home after a reunion from high school. Welcomed as a true Diva, the actress (very attached to Italy, given her relationship with her husband, Count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo) took the whole scene, enchanting the photographers present thanks to a Gucci garment embellished with a very deep neckline, pink and silver contrasts in the palette, auburn hair is worn rigorously loose. To complete the dream outfit, undoubtedly the most beautiful shown in this edition is Bulgari designer jewels. A true triumph of charm. The 2022 Oscar winner had been in Italy for a few days, right in her husband’s family home. Having landed in the lagoon, however, she did not miss the opportunity to support her colleagues overseas, wearing a t-shirt in support of SAG-AFTRA, the Mayor who is currently fighting for the rights of actors, at the photocall.

How much elegance in the patroness of the Festival

The Eightieth edition will also be remembered for the delicious garments presented by godmother Caterina Murino, this time on the red carpet with a dress characterized by pleats and purple shades.

Then the director Guillaume Canet, the male protagonist of ” Hors-Saison”, was perfect, exceptional in his double-breasted suit, bow tie, and shiny shoes. A lesson in charm and style.

The sobriety of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Alba Rohrwacher

And speaking of sobriety, how can we not mention the wonderful Alba Rohrwacher, faithful as always to the Dior Maison as demonstrated by the white couture piece from fall 2023 with a touch of gold?

Margherita Mazzocco and Levante: the two musicians don’t look out of place

Also on the tenth evening, as always, very important personalities from the world of music took turns. The first is also an actress now known in every single continent: we are talking about Margherita Mazzocco, who became known thanks to the second season of “The White Lotus”. For her, a dress with an animalier motif studded with sequins by Missoni stands out.

Particularly brilliant was the Sicilian Levante, an artist who won applause with a metal mesh slip dress and lace inserts.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s colorful, Stefano Marchesi classic

And speaking of grafts and light points, Maria Grazia Cucinotta certainly didn’t hold back and brought a real colorful storm to the red carpet.

A classic look for the actor Giorgio Marchesi, in style with an outfit that never goes wrong.

Two couples you don’t expect on the red carpet

Many couples have decided to show up at the Lido, some of them truly unexpected. Let’s think for example of the King of soap operas Ron Moss and his wife Devin DeVasquez: a duo, or rather, a trio, given the presence of the very nice dog.

Elegance in black for Raf and his partner Gabriella Labate: a crazy harmony also transmitted in two complementary outfits.

Another elegant proposal in black, shown off by Royal Elisa Caterina Egger: is a garment that finds its particularity in the voluminous and sheer sleeves. The competition is over, but not the glamour! Tonight there will be a final parade with the last catwalk which will see the final awards ceremony. Who will win?

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