Glamping an Alternative To camping That Will Offer You Greater Comfort

Glamping an Alternative To camping That Will Offer You Greater Comfort

These holiday resorts offer us the possibility of taking our tent and everything we need to spend a few days resting, practicing outdoor sports, sunbathing on the beach, or enjoying an affordable vacation.

Enjoying camping is simple, pleasant, and, above all, economical. But it can also be somewhat uncomfortable if you do not have adequate equipment.

To enjoy the advantages of camping and the experience of feeling in nature, but without depriving yourself of any comfort, the concept of glamping has been created .

What is a campsite?

Campsites are large complexes that offer pitches to set up a tent or a motorhome. It is an interesting concept because we can hire a small plot if we have a tent for one or two people or a larger one capable of housing a larger tent or even the car and the tent.

These accommodations have several common areas where the bathrooms, showers, a cleaning area for doing laundry, swimming pools and leisure areas, bars, and restaurants are located All of this is to be shared with the rest of the users of the campsite and not lack of anything.

But it is in this plot where we set up our tent, a job that can become quite cumbersome. Since, whether it is a larger tent or a simple and foldable one, it requires some time to be set up and to be able to enjoy that long-awaited vacation.

Furthermore, the equipment of each tent depends on the user. And that requires a lot of space in the car if you travel in it, or your backpack if you choose to travel this way. But there is another way to enjoy everything that a campsite offers, without the inconveniences that this type of accommodation has.

Glamping is a more comfortable option than camping

If at the campsite you must bring the tent and everything you need to spend a few days, at glamping things change quite a bit. This type of camping maintains all the advantages of camping but without the inconvenience caused by carrying everything you need.

The word glamping comes from the words glamor and camping. This means that it is a campsite, but in which a traditional tent is not used. You don’t even have to bring it, since these are accommodations already pre-installed and ready for use.

Glamping is usually practiced in natural environments, open spaces, or private estates. The glamor part comes from all the comfort and equipment that these luxury tents have.

As if it were a high-class hotel room, people who stay in it will be able to enjoy services that are not usually found in traditional campsites.

glam campsite, as it is also known, offers running water, heating and air conditioning, a private bathroom, a cooking area, comfortable furniture, bedding… Everything that does not exist in a traditional campsite, or is for shared use and subtracts privacy.

The elements used for accommodation are not tents per se. Glamping prefers to use atypical accommodations, such as a tipi, a bubble, or any other type of removable building that can be converted into a place to rest.

The origins of glamping 

Relatively recently, this term began to be used to name this type of camping service already prepared with all the comforts.

Glamping was born in the mid-2000s and some place its origins in the United States. Other people place him in the United Kingdom, so, although no one agrees about where he was born, it is known that he is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

Regardless of where it was born, the concept spread throughout the world and, today, a great glamping offer can be found in many places.

Another point in favor of glamping is that there is no overcrowding which is quite normal in traditional campsites. Even if you choose to travel during high season, the number of people you will find in a glamping area is much lower than that of other establishments, since capacity is limited to respect the privacy and comfort of users.

Privacy is important to be comfortable during the holidays and in a glamping it is much easier to find that moment of relaxation without stress. If you also prefer to travel in the low season, the privacy and tranquility are much greater than in any other accommodation option.

Stay in a different space

One of the characteristics of this type of luxury camping is the variety of accommodation types available. Not only are there more or less traditional tents, but they are equipped with all possible comforts. Tents have also been created with the most original shapes.

It is possible to stay in an elegant tipi, in a semi-transparent bubble, or in tree cabins prepared to accommodate several people. But there are also conditioned buses, yurts, tents, luxury caravans… There are the most curious accommodations that can become an unimaginable place of rest during the holidays.

There is no standard for this type of tent. The offer is immense and in each establishment, you can find one or more types of accommodation. They are much more original than traditional tents and, as we have already mentioned, nothing is missing to feel not only at home but even better than at home.

In addition, at glamping, you can find objects and services that we do not usually associate with traditional accommodation such as telescopes, picnic kits, etc. So is glamping more expensive than traditional camping?

Price differences between camping and glamping

It is true that in campsites the price of the pitch is very flexible and can be very economical. Since, depending on the location, size, and services offered, the price per plot can vary greatly.

Therefore, it is normal to think that, indeed, this type of camping is much more economical than glamping. But, as in everything, there are nuances.

If you rent a bungalow in a traditional campsite, it can be significantly more expensive than a tipi located in a glamping area in a natural environment. If you opt for a more exclusive type of accommodation, such as a tree house, this can be much more expensive than a room in a five-star hotel.

As with all accommodation, there are a wide variety of options and extras that can vary the price. You always have to look at what you need, what type of accommodation you are looking for, and the services you want to have.

Enjoy glamping, also at festivals

The good thing about glamping is that, in some cases, they are integrated into the spaces of traditional campsites. Some campsites have an area reserved for those who want something more than a simple tent, with more space between them, with private services, and who have more options than the usual accommodations.

For example, some music festivals that offer camping services also have a space dedicated to glamping. So, attendees can reserve one of these stores with premium services and enjoy those summer music festivals in another way.

Comfort, services, and privacy on vacation

If you want to enjoy everything that comes with camping, but without having to carry tents, equipment, and other packages that end up being a nuisance, booking a glamping accommodation may be our best option. Luxury, convenience, comfort, privacy, and tranquility without giving up staying in the heart of nature and near the beach, or the most interesting mountain areas.

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