Wedding Food Truck How Does It Work

Wedding Food Truck How Does It Work

For your wedding meal, would you like something more original than table service or a buffet? You can dare an alternative concept to delight the guests: the wedding food truck.

Attractive, friendly, gourmet, modern, surprising, and inexpensive, these trendy mobile restaurants invite themselves to wedding receptions. And the advantages of renting a food truck for a wedding are numerous. What if we let ourselves be tempted by the wedding food truck?

Wedding meals: The food truck trend 

In addition to being installed in the busiest streets, catering trucks are present at all major events: fairs, sports competitions, festivals… and now weddings.

Faced with demand, caterers have diversified their offer of dishes and services. With qualitative street food, flavors from around the world, or even revisited gourmet dishes, the food truck caters to all tastes.

It thus finds its place in all wedding themes: bohemian chic, country, Italian, oriental, world tour, colorful, vintage…

More and more brides and grooms are seduced by the food truck trend for their wedding meals.

A Food Truck at a Wedding: Full-fledged entertainment

The format of a food truck meal at a wedding is trendy, but still a first for many guests. On its own, the wedding food truck is a real entertainment. It brings a breath of originality to the wedding reception.

With the food truck, everyone can eat between events, at their own pace. The frequentation of the food truck does not weaken until the stomachs are sated.

A caterer who works in his truck can deliver many meals, up to a hundred according to professionals, without the wait being too long.

For very large weddings, it is possible to use several food trucks. For example, by separating desserts from savory dishes.

Staging the wedding food truck

Moving a food truck to the location of his wedding reception is not difficult. The compact size of these restaurant trucks allows them to be parked almost anywhere: in a village hall car park, on a large property, in an orchard, etc.

However, it is advisable to check the ease of access and the proximity of certain services, such as functional electrical outlets, a water supply, etc.

The food truck at a wedding does not go unnoticed. To make it even more attractive, a whole decoration can be thought out.

It can be based on the truck itself, the food trucks being already mostly colored or even decorated.

For example, for a country theme: crates, fruit, and flowers can be placed around. For a wedding on the beach, have shells, sand, etc…

The lighting can in particular be worked on, with pretty light garlands, paper lanterns, lanterns…

For the comfort of the guests, it can be planned near the food truck to install tables and seats, standing eats, in the open air, or under a rotunda which is also nicely decorated. Auxiliary heaters, such as heated parasols, can also be useful if the weather is not good, for the evening or even for winter weddings, for example.

A restaurant truck wedding menu

As with a traditional caterer, the wedding menu can be tailor-made by the bride and groom. Aperitifs, starters, dishes, desserts, and a complete menu can be put together with the traveling restaurateur.

Several proposals can be selected to satisfy all taste buds, those of adults and children. A meal in a food truck can also consider any specific diets followed by certain guests: vegan, vegetarian, etc.

All cuisines are represented in the food trucks, from street food to gourmet dishes, without forgetting the flavors of the world. It is therefore possible to stick as closely as possible to the theme of your wedding, even in the plates. See to reserve several food trucks to vary the pleasures even more.

A high-end wedding caterer

The restaurateurs who cook in food trucks primarily and for the most part use local products, in a short circuit. In addition to supporting the local economy, this has the advantage of being seasonal products.

Culinary preparations are homemade, on-site, as orders are placed. The food truck is fitted out in such a way as to have all the necessary equipment. The professional teams are organized and experienced to ensure their service in optimal conditions.

Quality and taste are therefore at the rendezvous.

To find the right provider, do not hesitate to test several food trucks before your wedding. The affordable price of the dishes makes it possible to multiply the culinary experiences upstream.

Delight your guests at a lower cost thanks to the food truck

Inviting your guests to eat at the food truck privatized for the occasion is an economical solution for your wedding meal, without denying the quality of the cuisine and the gluttony.

Menu prices start at just a few euros. On average, the maximum budget for a full menu does not exceed €30. Extras may be charged for special culinary requests. The price per guest is particularly advantageous.

Extend the wedding festivities the next day

If the food truck format is an interesting option for the big day, it is just as much for the day after the wedding.

The procession is smaller, and the guests still present often arrive staggered, even late for those who enjoyed the party until the early morning.

Everyone can share a last lunch in a friendly atmosphere thanks to the flexibility of the food truck service. There are many possible formulas (aperitifs, paella, meals, breakfast, fresh products, sweets, etc.

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