Traveling Light 10 Items To Tliminate From Your Suitcases

Traveling Light 10 Items To Tliminate From Your Suitcases

Every year, the same question arises, punctual like clockwork: what should I put in the suitcase for the holidays? And each time we find ourselves filling our suitcase with everything and anything, before realizing, when filling it in for the return trip, that half of the objects we took with us were only used for nothing, taking up space that we could have left to bring back souvenirs

When we travel by plane, this problem is even more important: if we have chosen a travel option with only one piece of luggage, it is really difficult to put everything in the suitcase, respecting the rules of weight and size.

This year, we tell you how to travel light, with this list of 10 items to eliminate from your luggage.

1. Hair dryer

Nowadays, hotels, guest houses, and bed and breakfasts that do not offer hair dryers available in the room, do not exist. And you will surely even find one in campsites or youth hostels. Leave your hair dryer at home, you will find a solution for your long hair. Even a dry shampoo.

2. Laundry

small bottle of detergent may seem like a good idea to avoid bringing too many clothes. But let’s be honest: how many times have you used it in the last few years? And if you should stain your favorite t-shirt on day one, you can solve the problem with hand soap

3. Electronic devices

Are you sure you need to pack an MP3 playercamera, tablet, and laptop? Unless you are a professional photographer (and then in this case the equipment of the trade, even of reduced format, is an obligation), all the electronic material that you will need in your suitcase, will be a charger). For everything else, you already have a single device that can do everything the others do. And it’s always handy in your pocket.

4. Small makeup case

During the holidays, you can forgo the perfect make-up for any occasion: narrow your bag down to a few essentials, and if you have a special occasion, now’s the time to do some shopping.

5. Shampoo and shower gel

Knowing that you are clean and fragrant is an essential need, but even if you opt for the travel format, which is now found everywhere, shampoos and shower gels take up unnecessary space in our suitcases. As for the hair dryer, any structure that receives offers welcome kits, which also include these products. And even if you are really on vacation in a remote place, you will find plenty of soap. On the market, you can find solid soaps suitable for showering and washing hair. No clutter, and very useful.

6. Books

book is a must under the umbrella, but if you’re an avid reader, you surely know how heavy paper-based volumes can be. If you don’t want to give up the pleasure of reading but want to save your back, take an e-reader with you: it doesn’t weigh very heavy, takes up very little space, contains thousands of volumes, you can download one large number before departure, and above all, you will not be forced to choose before departure. Sure, the reading experience isn’t as rewarding, but for a few days you can adapt. If you feel like you contradict point 3, remember that your smartphone can also replace this device.

7. Shoes

While you are packing your suitcase, you think of the thousand opportunities that will come to you on vacation and you decide to pack all your shoes. But if you think about it, you will realize that you don’t need more than 2 or 3 pairs, the ones you will use during the holidays.

8. Clothes

It’s the same as for shoes: you go on vacation, you don’t move house. For a few days, you will be more comfortable with just a few clothes, you can give up the evening dress and too much intimate lingerie. And to cover yourself in case of cold, it is enough to take very few clothes.

9. Guidebooks and Maps

For these objects, we repeat the same thing as for books and electronic devices: they are very heavy and bulky and today the internet connection is available practically everywhere, you can use your smartphone to orient yourself and find valuable information. about the places you will visit. And if your trip has a connectionless destination, you will surely find everything you need there.

10. Just in case

Being prepared for any eventuality is always essential when traveling, but you don’t have to take the whole medicine cabinet from home. It will be enough to take those medicines that are essential for you, for everything else, you will certainly find a pharmacy on-site.

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