How To Choose A Stylish Hand Wash Basin

How To Choose A Stylish Hand Wash Basin

Formerly visible at the entrance to a refectory or the dining room and present in the old houses of the 1950s, the hand basin is a water point that was used to wash hands without having to go to the bathroom. Currently, it is visible in toilets and water features. It has practically dethroned the sink, which struggles to find its place in tight spaces. The washbasin is available in different models. Find out how to make the most stylish choice.

The type of installation of the washbasin 

The market currently offers three types of installations. The wall-hung washbasin stands out for its practicality and space-saving nature. Generally fixed to the wall, it is the model that is suitable for a small space. Although it is rather discreet, it can be very aesthetic.

You can also turn to the pedestal hand basin, a very popular installation. It is a model with storage, which makes it very attractive and very aesthetic. Indeed, all the piping is concealed behind the column.

Currently, the suspended washbasin cabinet is at the heart of the trend. It is the combination of the two models mentioned above. Not only is it space-saving, but it also hides the piping. To top it off, it is a piece of furniture that serves as storage space.

Finally, the corner hand basin is also a stylish choice. Its major advantage is that it takes up little space. Its installation is highly recommended in small rooms. It can be suspended or on a column. The choice is entirely up to you.

Choosing the right shape for the hand basin

Indeed, the hand wash exists in all forms. The choice is made according to your taste and the style of decoration of the water feature. Round or oval hand basin models are the most common. They have a special charm.

But now more original choices work well in a contemporary style room. This is the case if you decide to equip yourself with a rectangular hand basin at which has an ultra-modern look. It is well suited for tight spaces. There is also the bowl model which is usually placed on a piece of furniture such as a shelf. It is an ultra-trendy hand wash that displays a designer and authentic look.

The choice of manufacturing material

If you are looking for a stylish hand wash, you will have to choose the material of manufacture carefully.

The ceramic hand basin

It is the most used material and the ceramic hand basin is the least expensive model on the market. To discover in different colors, it does not lack elegance. Smooth and with a satin finish, the ceramic hand basin can display a stylish look when its color and shape are well chosen.

The stylish glass washbasin

The glass hand basin has an exceptional beauty. Frosted, screen-printed, colored, sandblasted, or clear, it generally has a luxurious and luminous appearance. In addition, it is available in different models. It is often associated with other materials such as steel or aluminum. Its only flaw is its fragility.

The resin hand basin

The market offers different types of resin hand basins. There is an embarrassment of choice when it comes to shape and color. Pleasant to the touch, they can benefit from an elegant, fancy, contemporary, or even vintage look. If you are looking for a stylish, easy-care washbasin, you can turn to a resin model.

The stylish hand basin in natural stone

Natural stone is a material of remarkable quality. Apart from its robustness and its ability to withstand shocks, it displays a natural charm. The choice is wide when it comes to the type of rock to use. Whatever your decision, the natural stone washbasin can meet your design requirements.

The wooden hand basin

The stylish wooden hand basin is also very popular for its natural side. It is a perfect choice for environmentalists. Customizable, it usually presents an elegant look. If you doubt the longevity of the material and its ability to resist humidity, models made with imitation material are available.

Choose according to the color and options available

A stylish washbasin is also a washbasin with advantageous options. Currently, the manufacture of such equipment is associated with innovative technologies that can turn it into a modern and ultra-convenient accessory.

The hand wash can for example include a built-in soap dispenser. Models equipped with a liquid soap dispenser are very practical. In general, the upper part of the accessory is removable, which facilitates filling.

The color of the washbasin also defines its style. White is synonymous with elegance and is the most popular tone. But other colors can also bring a stylish and original touch to the hand wash, such as black.

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