7 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

For a wedding, the room immediately sets the tone and greatly contributes to the atmosphere. For a successful marriage, as much as to say this choice is essential. It is in this place that you will spend one of the most beautiful days of your life. In addition, it is one of the largest expense items, along with the caterer. But instead of putting pressure on yourself, tell yourself that it will be a wonderful time and take the time to appreciate each step of its organization. The whole process will be part of history, yours! To choose your room well, follow these tips.

Choosing the wedding reception hall: Get there early enough

The first tip to consider when preparing to organize your wedding is to find the venue as soon as possible. Indeed, the most beautiful places are often booked well in advance. It is no exaggeration to rent it even 1 year in advance because reservations can go up to 2 years for rooms in high demand.

In addition, the choice of the room launches the beginning of the preparations! To make your choice, you can go to a specialized site offering different room rentals in different cities and regions in France. This will allow you to save time and have a wide choice.

Take the time to compare venues for the wedding

Even if you fell in love with this majestic abbey spotted on a wedding rental site, don’t rush!

Do not hesitate to visit the places before booking, or even to visit several of them. This will allow you to make sure that the room corresponds to the photos, to check the different facilities, but also to ask all the questions that bother you. Know that a place that seems idyllic to you on the internet can disappoint you, as much as a room that does not look like it can pleasantly surprise you.

It is by discussing with the various owners of the premises that you will obtain essential information which will guide you in your final choice.

Choose a wedding hall adapted to the theme

At first, you will have to select several wedding rooms, before making your choice. Then opt for those that are consistent with your theme.

For a rustic wedding, a renovated barn, a well-decorated abbey or farmhouse, or even an outdoor party will do just fine. For a romantic atmosphere or a luxury wedding, if you have the budget, why not get married in a castle or a mansion and live your fairy tale? This is also valid for a medieval wedding.

For a chic and intimate atmosphere, a prestigious hotel is the perfect choice. A good harmony and consistency between your room and your wedding theme, complemented by beautiful decoration, will make it a memorable event!

Establish your budget for the rental of the wedding hall

The choice of your reception hall will also largely depend on the budget you intend to allocate to it. This will already allow you to make a small selection. But don’t be too radical right away before visiting the place. In case of a crush, you could change your mind and adapt to the organization.

It may be interesting to list the points for which you do not want to make any concessions: space, setting, light… You will have to keep your priorities in mind to make the right choice.

If you want to save money, it is advisable to choose a date outside the spring and summer seasons, or even outside the weekend. You will then be likely to find rooms at more affordable prices. When you ask for prices, pay attention to any additional costs, such as corkage, room staff, or electricity costs, which can quickly increase the bill!

Choose a room near the ceremony location

Please, do not impose long journeys on your guests. If the chateau that catches your eye is 300 kilometers from the church or town hall where you are going to celebrate your union, it might be better to opt for another solution.

If you can, it is best to opt for a room that is not far from the place of the ceremony, so that your guests and you are not too tired by the trip to the party. It is also possible that your guests cannot travel so far, while some could get lost on the way.

The choice of location for the room will also depend on other factors. Know in particular that certain parishes refuse the marriages of couples choosing a church for demographic and not spiritual questions. You will also not be able to get married in a town hall other than that of your residence.

Opt for a safe place

We don’t think about it enough, but the safety of the premises is also an essential criterion. If there are many children among your guests, this is an even more important parameter. Preferably, avoid places at the edge of the water or which expose them to significant risks of falling to avoid accidents.

Renting a reception room: ask all the necessary questions

Sometimes we think that we can annoy people by asking them too many questions. But when it’s your big day that’s at stake, don’t hesitate! Anyway, the managers of these places are used to these situations.

So, prepare in advance a good list of important questions, from your point of view:

  • what is the capacity of the room? In addition to the guests, the premises must be able to accommodate the orchestra, the tables for the meal, the cocktail party, any entertainment, etc.
  • what does the rental price include? Only the walls, or the material as well? (chairs, tables, cutlery, tablecloths and chair covers, etc.),
  • What are the payment methods? (possibility of renting in several installments, down payment, etc.),
  • Is the room heated?
  • how many toilets are there?
  • which surface is intended for dancing?
  • what time should I leave the premises?
  • do you have to clean before leaving?
  • and what is the additional cost to pay in case of overrun?
  • what are the solutions in case of rain?
  • are there other weddings on the same day?
  • are providers taxed? (caterer, decorator, DJ…),
  • Is it possible to have a brunch there the next day?
  • is there a big enough car park?
  • will the work in progress (if any) be completed on D-Day?

Depending on your needs and desires, the answers to these different questions can confirm or invalidate a choice. They can also be decisive if you have made a selection of places, but are still hesitating about the final choice.

In conclusion, many criteria must come into play when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. However, do not fall into the trap of choosing a place only because it is practical when it does not make you dream! Of course, some concessions will have to be made.

But it’s a unique day, which deserves an exceptional room and atmosphere. So there is no question of resigning yourself, at the risk of regretting it! And finally, one last piece of advice: with luck, you will only get married once, so enjoy every moment of the organization, like the wedding!

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