10 Benefits Of Carrying Your Baby

By gamzap Aug 6, 2023

For a long time, I wanted to talk to you about the topic of “Carrying your baby” since you have been asking me on social networks about the carrier scarf that we use with India

The truth is that apart from us it seems like a much more comfortable and easy way to carry the baby without having to damage your back. You already know that many backpacks, apart from not being ergonomic for the development of the baby, make us uncomfortable, they are more difficult to put on and in the long run, if you spend many hours carrying you will end up contracting your back for not making proper use or not carrying the correct backpack.

On the other hand, human beings when we are born need to be and have 100% contact with our mommy. It is pure nature, we are born and we feel helpless. After spending 9 months inside mom’s womb, where we don’t have to do anything except grow, the womb is our home 24/7. There we listen to all the noises that mom makes, such as eating, the heartbeat, flatulence, the noises of the bag, the sound of the voice or just feeling all the emotions. Inside the tummy we don’t even have to eat (because mom gives us everything through the umbilical cord), we don’t have to breathe (because there is no oxygen) and we don’t have to have bowel movements because during those 9 months our little body is being formed.

The moment we come to life and feel the air for the first time is our first impact and therefore our first great depression. Mother! Where are you? I’m alone, I have to breathe by myself, I have to pee, I’m hungry, I need to go back! (Now that I’m writing it, it seems very dramatic and just reading it gives me an incredible feeling of being overwhelmed and a need to hug them). From this precise and precious moment, which will be the most beautiful of our lives from now on, your life will depend on ours. Taking care of them, feeding them, making them feel safe, without fear, calming them down, cleaning them… and above all… making them feel as if they were still inside, depends on us.

This may be the fundamental reason why I am in favor of carrying since the attachment we are talking about is still there, it is reinforced and they do not feel that feeling of abandonment at birth.

In this article, apart from giving you my most sincere recommendation and telling you about my experience, I wanted to leave you 10 reasons, advantages, or benefits that carrying produces for both parents and babies:

1. Carrying favors the psychomotor development of the baby

 Being skin-to-skin with both mom and dad is essential so that the baby’s brain receives all the stimuli and thus favors psychomotor development. In addition, once they are a few months old, this develops in such a way that the baby allows them to move and exercise their legs and arms with greater amplitude and comfort, which the car does not provide since they are lying down and there is no space around them.

2. It is used to take care of the spine and maintain the correct position

Both for adults and for the baby, maintaining the proper posture favors bone development and also does not cause any pain in the back. Adults, by carrying the weight for so long and in certain conditions or postures, can cause serious health problems.

3. It facilitates movement and is more comfortable for us, especially when traveling

It is incredible, apart from the fact that it gives you more mobility, for example, to go shopping, to travel, to move easily, not be loaded with a car… You feel much more comforted when carrying your baby in your arms safely. And also with the security band on the scarves comfort and safety are assured.

4. Improves and even reduces colic

We have a very bad experience with Sia, regarding colic. She was already born with them, it was a horrible experience and even though we did everything possible to reduce them, carrying her relaxed her tummy the most, She rested and was even able to fall asleep after so many hours of crying because of those intense pains that she had to suffer. On the other hand, we took her to a baby physio and she also recommended it to us. Without a doubt, from my point of view, it is the greatest benefit.

5. It favors breastfeeding, or in our case artificial feeding

It is indeed great for breastfeeding, but for moms who opt for artificial breastfeeding, it is also comfortable since you can nestle your baby in your lap without having to load your back. The wrap will hold the baby in the position you put it in. If you move him to the side, you can feed him as if you were holding him in your arms.

6. Promotes attachment

Attachment from the first days of life is essential. It is the link between the mother and the baby, which of course, thanks to the carrying, can be done with the father or any other adult in the family unit. Feeling that they are safe, that they listen to our hearts, and that they are cuddled up are the first symptoms of a good attachment and therefore a good way to develop the bond between the two.

7. Decreases the presence of Plagiocephaly

They are all those pressures that the baby’s brain has when lying down and therefore if we always keep it in the same position it can flatten its head.

8. Reduce crying

We already know that at birth they want to be constantly in their arms and as I mentioned before, the feeling of loneliness if we don’t take them is much greater.

9. Significantly reduces reflux symptoms

Have you heard of reflux? Both colic and reflux are very common in the first months of life. His stomach is so tiny and the valves are so stuck that ingesting his milk can cause that burning stomach that we adults feel on many occasions. Breast milk in many cases produces these refluxes and to reduce them, pediatricians advise you to consume specific artificial milk for refluxes. This milk is less sour and easier to digest. Even so, one of the best things you can do is depending on whether they eat to carry them or semi-seat them. The baby mustn’t be completely lying down so that she can reduce the reflux and thus prevent spitting up.

10. Reduces otitis media that can cause these gastric flows

I had no idea about this until my first daughter was diagnosed with reflux. One of the things that the pediatrician alerted us was that if we did not do it correctly, it could lead to otitis media. Thanks to these tips and the use of Novalac anti-reflux and colic we managed to cure her stomach, without having major consequences.

In conclusion, I think that after reading all these benefits and advantages, I can only think of one positive personal opinion about babywearing. We are also very happy with the brand. Although you can indeed find many types of backpacks and baby slings, having tried several brands, I prefer Koala Babycare. The feeling of not wearing anything that hurts your back, its texture, and comfort when taking it to India is wonderful. I have tried it by wearing it for 3 hours in a row and when I took it off I did not feel tired or back pain. I recommend it to you! And finally, he left you a video so you can see how easy and simple it is to put it on:

By gamzap

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