Tommy Hilfiger For Women 5 Iconic Pieces To Have In Your Wardrobe

By gamzap Aug 5, 2023

As he says himself, Tommy Hilfiger created his brand by taking inspiration from the BCBG outfits of the 80s. He brought his personal pop touch to make his collections of clothes in which everyone feels good, regains confidence, and above all can wear a timeless and trendy style. For women, the designer wants to be a liberator, the symbol of femininity that lets go of codes and changes fashion while remaining faithful to the essence of its brand. To be completely in tune with the times and sport an authentic style, Tommy Hilfiger reveals the iconic pieces that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe. Discover in this article the 5 essential Tommy Hilfiger for a woman.

1. Well-cut jeans

Jeans are an essential piece of women’s dress. Skinny, baggy, mom, flare jeans, straight, bell bottom, high waist, or even tapered, there’s something for everyone and every style. Timeless and versatile, women’s jeans can serve as a base for a casual outfit as well as harmonize with a more conventional and demure look. The idea is to choose the right cut of jeans for women according to your morphology. In any season, blue jeans have no equal to highlight your silhouette and make you irresistibly trendy.

2. A pair of sneakers

While the sportswear style is gaining more and more followers, the pair of sneakers has made a place for itself in the female wardrobe. Whatever your age, it’s unimaginable that you don’t own at least one pair of women’s Tommy Hilfiger sneakers to give your clothing look a boost. The advantage of the pair of sneakers is that they combine perfectly with all outfits. It is just as possible to wear it with jeans and a cardigan for a preppy look as to wear it with a skirt or a dress. The ultimate is to choose a pair of sneakers in white color. They will look flawless on your feet. Comfortable, stylish, and timeless, you become a fashion icon just by wearing them.

3. A straight blazer

The blazer is a basic piece of women’s dress. It can be worn with a floral dress, a classic skirt, leggings, pants, jeans, the famous and essential little black dress, and even a pleated skirt. Impossible to leave it aside if you want to be elegantfeminine, and stylish. The advantage of the women’s blazer is that it exists in various materials, which allows it to be worn in any season.

If the black blazer and navy blue are the most coveted for their sober and discreet appearance, it is possible to make an outfit more vitaminized by adopting more original colors and cuts! Thus, Tommy Hilfiger blazers show boldness by coming in various models: the jacquard, striped, or madras pattern blazer, the boyfriend cut, the straight, the double-breasted, the coat-of-arms, sleeveless, or even belted, it all depends on your tastes.

4. The handbag

How can you imagine a complete feminine outfit without a handbag? Tommy Hilfiger puts the dishes in the big ones with its creations that will make your head spin. Between messenger bags, satchels, clutches, bucket bags, or backpacks, you won’t know where to turn. The women’s handbag is chosen according to the occasion and the time of day, but also according to what you want to store in it. You must therefore let yourself be seduced by several models of handbags that you will jealously keep in your dressing room. To stay trendy and in the flow, the little details make all the difference! So fall for Tommy Hilfiger bags with original designs and that will make your look even more authentic.

5. The casual sports sweatshirt

Today, wearing a sweatshirt is no longer synonymous with a fashion faux pas. Quite the contrary! The sweatshirt has managed to write its letters of nobility in fashion and it is now essential in a woman’s wardrobe. With or without a hood, it goes perfectly with the pair of Tommy Hilfiger sneakers you have chosen, but also with a pair of pumps! Yes, you have it, the sports sweatshirt, although casual, can also become chic and sophisticated! The Hoodie and Hells style works perfectly and will blow you away. A way to reveal your style and break fashion codes to finally make you happy and be irresistible.

By gamzap

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