Sunglasses For Momen 5 Tips For Choosing The Right One

Sunglasses For Momen 5 Tips For Choosing The Right One

In summer, sunglasses become essential. Much more than a fashion accessory intended to have a trendy style, it is a real protection for your eyes. It is therefore important to know how to choose them.

We tend to wear our sunglasses more like accessories that will complete our look. Many rely on an original design to have a style that slaps and attracts attention. However, even if sunglasses add something extra to your look, they are much more than that. Indeed, when the sun’s rays become too intense, it becomes necessary to protect the eyes from UV radiation. These can be the cause of degenerative diseases, inflammation of the cornea, the development of a cataract, or even corneal burns. So there are good reasons to choose your sunglasses wisely. Discover the criteria to take into account before buying a pair.

Choose the right degree of protection

The first criterion to take into account when choosing a pair of women’s sunglasses is the protection factor. Indeed, whatever the model that will seduce you, it must be able to provide you with effective protection against UV rays. You should know that not all tinted glasses guarantee to protect you against radiation. It doesn’t even have anything to do with it. You need to look at the quality of solar ray filtration to be edified.

There are 4 categories of protection for sunglasses.

  • Category 0: It does not provide any eye protection
  • Category 1 to 2: This is the ideal one for spring and autumn when the UV rays are quite forgiving
  • Category 3: perfect for summer, for holidays by the sea, in the mountains and very sunny areas
  • Category 4: the one that provides the most protection. It is rather recommended for situations of extreme exposure to solar radiation.

Before orienting your choice on any pair of sunglasses for women, it will also be necessary to check the conformity. The CE marking ensures that your glasses comply with European standards and that your eyes will be safe behind these glasses.

Ensure the quality of the glass

Sunglasses come in thousands of brands and are made from a variety of materials. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the quality of the glass, always to ensure maximum and lasting protection for your eyes. So, the type of glass your sunglasses are made of should be given your full attention. It could be :

  • Organic or CR39 glass that is impact-resistant but easily scratched. It is however very light and offers UV protection between 80% and 100%.
  • Mineral glass which is perfect for eye comfort and is super scratch-resistant. However, it is not very resistant in the event of a fall.
  • Polycarbonate glass is more widespread because it is more resistant and much lighter. It filters out 100% of UV rays.

Bet on the right lens tint

The color of your sunglasses is very important. In addition to adding to the aesthetic aspect, it also has an impact on the protection of your eyes. Indeed, tinted glass reduces sensitivity to white light and provides more comfort. Thus, you have the choice between different shades of glass according to the desired effects.

  • Green helps prevent glare on all occasions
  • Gray promotes natural color perception in sunlight
  • Yellow or orange improves contrast perception in low light
  • Brown exaggerates contrast by reducing glare
  • The colored shades (red, blue, pink, etc.) have more of an aesthetic than a functional aspect. They can also harm vision and even damage it in the event of very intense UV radiation.

Vary on the shape of the sunglasses

For the aesthetic rendering to be perfect on your face, you have to pay attention to the shape of your frame. Indeed, depending on the morphology of your face, some pairs of glasses will suit you perfectly, while others will not enhance you at all.

  • For an oval face, the ideal is to opt for sunglasses with a round frame for a vintage look. Oversized glasses will also be perfect in the same way as oval frames. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid frames that are too wide and those that are too narrow.
  • For a round face, rectangular or angular frames are more suitable. They stretch the face. Avoid round and oval frames that will increase the volume of your face.
  • For a square face, the ideal frame will be butterfly style, round or oval to soften the lines of the face. It is necessary to make a cross on the square glasses, in rectangles or small frames.
  • For diamond faces, bet on butterfly or geometric frames, but of reasonable size. With this type of face, avoid rectangular or oversized frames.
  • For faces in the shape of a low triangle, it is necessary to bet on thin frames to soften the size of the forehead. It is necessary to make a cross on the butterfly glasses, the thick frames, and the rectangular ones.
  • For triangle faces, the ideal is to bet for an aviator or butterfly-style frame. On the other hand, geometric glasses will harden the lines of your face.

Choose a useful lens treatment

Some brands do not hesitate to highlight the treatment undergone by their lenses. Even if this is a seller, you should know that it is not necessarily the most useful for your vision. In addition, some treatments can quickly make the price of your sunglasses soar.

What should hold your attention when choosing your sunglasses is that they are photochromic to adapt according to the intensity of the sun’s rays. It is also necessary to ensure that the glass is tinted to reduce the brightness and ensure your comfort. Finally, you must make sure that your lens is scratch-resistantanti-smudge and anti-fog. You will therefore have a very practical pair of glasses that will do the job for any occasion.

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