How To Wear Trendy Watches

How To Wear Trendy Watches

The watch is much more than a simple gadget to tell the time, it is a fashion accessory in its own right. You still have to know how to wear it well and match it with your outfit!

The watch is less and less used to check the time. It is now much more common to check the time on your smartphone or your computer screen. Nevertheless, this timeless does not lose any of its charm and its interest in adopting various clothing styles.

In reality, watches serve more of a fashion accessory function. For example,  a good watch band can give a more professional and responsible look.

However, many watch models have specific characteristics. Thus, you should choose and wear these accessories well to enhance yourself. Here is the essential to know to put on trendy watches!

An ideal watch for every occasion

Not all clothes are suitable for all occasions. Similarly, not all watches are suitable for all occasions. The majority of fashion accessories also meet this rule. Thus, choose a watch adapted to the circumstance.

The dress watch

Dress watches are usually worn for special events that require distinguished and formal dress. These include formal dinners, weddings, christening, and funerals.

Designed with precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, dress watches provide a splendid finishing touch to clothing. Also, they are usually quite expensive. For this reason, they should be worn on really special occasions.

The sports watch

Sports watches are usually waterproof and very durable. As the name suggests, they are suitable for heavy physical activity. In general, it is advisable to wear a sports watch when you want to time or measure different data.

A sports watch is highly suitable for trekking,  for example. It can integrate a compass to allow good orientation. However, this type of watch can also be worn in casual outfits.

The classic watch

Classic watches are trendy. They are designed to be worn every day. The main thing about a classic watch is that it does not interfere with working or going about your business. Classic, elegant, and ergonomic watches are always more popular.

Always bet on the right size and the right strap

To wear a watch properly, you should choose the right size. A tired watch on the wrist can easily ruin an entire style. She is also very uncomfortable. For a  wrist circumference of 15 and 17 mm, opt for a small case: between 38 and 40 mm.

A watch in a 44mm or 46mm case is more suitable for a larger wrist circumference. The main thing is that the bracelet fits snugly on your wrist.

Match the watch to other accessories

Matching the watch to the other accessories is important when looking for an optimal result. If you’re wearing a silver chain,  for example, consider pairing it with a silver dress watch. Cufflinks and tie clips can also follow this rule.

Likewise, it is essential to match the watch to your shoe. You can opt for a watch with a leather strap if you wear leather shoes. The colors also need to be matched.

Tips for putting on a wristwatch properly

Some wear this accessory on the right wrist while others put it on the left wrist. There is no specific rule on this. Choose your best profile or the side on which you feel comfortable.

Also, it is important to wear a fashionable watch close to the bone on the outside of the wrist. When standing with the arm outstretched, the long-sleeved shirt must fully or partially cover the watch.

To conclude, it is crucial to start by choosing a watch adapted to the occasion to make good use of this accessory. Then you should necessarily dwell on certain quality criteria, preferences, and agreements with other elements of clothing style.

Finally, you still have to take into account some simple, but practical and useful tips for wearing trendy watches.

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