How To Choose Your Men’s Shirt Cut

By gamzap Aug 5, 2023

Whether you want to wear a shirt for a classy event work or a romantic date, it is always very important to choose the right cut for your men’s shirt. Indeed, depending on the circumstance and your morphology, the cut of a shirt can be more or less adapted and flattering. Here are our tips for knowing which cut of shirt to choose.

There are three major men’s shirt cuts

To enhance your masculine assets, know that choosing the right shirt cut is essential. A shirt is a wardrobe essential, a garment that goes with everything depending on the cut chosen.

It can be adjusted, sticking to your body and emphasizing your musculature. The shirt can also be more comfortable, less tight, and even go oversized for a look that is both modern and urban. In short, the shirt can be worn in all styles and for all life events, including on a Sunday in front of Netflix.

Depending on your morphology and the situation, however, it is important to choose the right shirt cut so that it fits you perfectly. In this context, know that there are three main types of shirt cuts.

  • There is the regular fit, the straight shirt. This one is generally more “relaxed” than the other two.
  • Then we have the semi-slim, or “adjusted” fit. This form of shirt is a little more fitted than the first, without being too tight.
  • Finally, there is the slim, so-called “fitted” shirt, which is much closer to the body, reputed to be more classy and elegant than the other two.

Now that you know the names of the different men’s shirt cuts, how do you choose yours? Many men’s fashion sites, such as Celio, aptly categorize their shirts by shape. It is therefore easy to find the shape that suits you best. But, you still have to know which cut of shirt to choose. Here are our tips for each cut!

Under what circumstances should you wear the straight shirt, also called Regular?

Let’s start with the most worn shirt cut in the world, the famous comfortable shirt that can be worn open over a t-shirt. The regular or “straight” shirt cut is characterized by a regular shape whose sides fall straight on your body. A very 80’s parallel cut, very lumberjack, which hits the mark.

It has the particularity of hiding the shapes, the love handles in particular, it makes the silhouette harmonious and can thus be suitable for all morphologies. At least, when certain principles are respected (these principles are also to be applied to all cuts of shirts). In particular, for a shirt to fit you well, the buttons must not pull and threaten to open it, the sleeves must not cover your hands, and must be slightly puffy.

For once, all body shapes can be flattered by the regular shirt. We’ll go even further by saying that this shirt looks even better on people with bellies than on thinner men.

To make this shirt fit you like a glove, here’s a little fashion tip: wear the right shirt with fitted pants that aren’t too wide. Slim or skinny would be ideal. You can test the oversized shirt tucked into the pants, or even the regular shirt at your waist, simply buttoned up. It’s also a good idea to wear the regular shirt open with something else underneath, a clever way to balance your silhouette if you have a little belly.

Choose the cut of your shirt: When to wear the so-called fitted shirt (semi-slim)?

When we talk about men’s shirts, we usually think of this shirt cut as THE cut to choose. Combining elegance and comfort, the semi-slim or “adjusted” cut is the perfect compromise between the loose shirt you would wear every day and the fitted shirt worn for a business meeting.

The semi-slim shirt cut should be chosen with care as it is not flattering for everyone. Indeed, generally, this shirt is better for men cut under the H and I morphologies. In other words, if your body is straight and your shoulders are generally in line with your pelvis, this shirt is the most flattering piece in your closet.

The semi-slim cut is ideal for slim, slim-fat bodies or men with little muscle. It enhances the musculature of the upper body. Without a doubt, this shirt will give you self-confidence, and it is particularly the most recommended to start wearing shirts. If you don’t know which shirt to buy first, give this one a try.

Little fashion tip: this shirt will go perfectly with a wider and straight bottom, compared to the regular one. But, overall, you can afford all forms of pants with this cut.

The curved shape (Slim), in what circumstances and with what morphology?

Finally, here is a slim shirt, the classiest by definition. The fitted shirt cut is difficult to choose because it does not suit all body types. It is also the most complicated to wear. Very close to the body, this fitted shirt is particularly flattering on the V-shaped body.

In other words, if your shoulders are wider than your pelvis, this is the cut that will flatter you the most. It is nevertheless to be avoided in case of excess fat in the arms. But also, in case of too strong muscles of the shoulders. Choose straight bottoms, simple jeans, or suit pants with this shirt, you’ll be to die for!

You now know how to choose the ideal men’s shirt cut that will suit your body type. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment. Especially, if you want more advice on how to wear your shirts at work, daily, or at a party.

By gamzap

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